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Cutting Robot

      In a wide range of materials processing applications, for processing special-shaped structure material,

 has been the traditional cutting technology challenges facing equipment, can repeat the fast and efficient

 cutting operation, and promise not to damage the workpiece and once for all, non robot.

[industrial robot with processing advantage]

Fully integrated in the machine arm of the cutting tool, cutting tool and themovement of the machine arm strengths together;

Greatly reduces the process cycle time;

A substantial increase in the accuracy and flexibility;

Less space needed (occupies only 10 M2);

Stable high, robot to respond to repeated labor job cleaning, and improve thesecurity environment.

The one-stop integrated solution for mobile systems, greatly reducing the time and cost required for installation.

The processing and application of robot

Glass cutting robot: glass steel cutting is a process, repetitive, precision cuttingproducts.

Water jet cutting robot: robot water used for cutting, drilling, and removal of various materials. The robot arm end tooling with signal feedback device of high pressure water jet.

robot cutting through the installation for milling of materials in the mainhand, robot spindle with high precision path accurately, processed products help to create higher quality.

Drilling robot can adapt to drill positioning: non standard parts, complete machine can not efficiently reach the task effectively.


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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