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Take out

      The robot to take a system is applied widely in large-scale injection molding machine complex mold, especially for the more complex, involving the piececutting gate and the surface treatment process

 for subsequent actionrequirements of operating, convenient movement freedom of movement and programming of robot flexible highlights.

         The robot to take a more efficient: in the task space high temperature narrow,monotonous repetition and pickup operation is smooth, the artificial operation stability constitutes a challenge. The robot in the accuracy and the stability to take action at the same time, can continuously operate and avoid mistakes in decision-making and information is not determined, the artificial operationpossible problems, robot features for injection molding to win a higher production efficiency and to ensure that the cycle time and reliable, effectively improves theperformance of injection molding equipment the system itself.


     The robot adapt to the complex process and high flexibility: special shape and the large volume injection products, rely on manual handling take not only the physical cost and relatively low efficiency; in conjunction with single injection molding machine multiple die case, the robot through a starting point for differentproducts of prefabricated, flexible to adapt to the change of plastic injection molding products, and the starting point of the replacement convenient, simple maintenance.

    Robot extended a wide range of uses: injection molding robot is very suitableinjection mold processing: such as pretreatment plastic and rubber parts,acoustic wave and laser welding, joint handling and coverage in the process of forming; robot system can also increase cutting equipment and fire equipment,convenient and quick to perform cutting gate burrs, flame treatment process.

     Injection molding robot occupies small space: the robot to take a system can workin a relatively compact space, and can be in orbit, or injection molding machine is installed at the top and overhead installation. Structure of robot arm in theprocess of the die cavity and placing station between the ideal into taking action,interference and peripheral equipment space is very small.

[robot take advantage] robot manipulator has prominent advantages compared to:

More degrees of freedom (6 degrees of freedom)

More intelligent and convenient programming (Teaching and offline)

Flexible manufacturing ability stronger (fast and flexible movement adjustment)

The robot to take part to the future highly competitive market, flexible manufacturing capacity, to the enterprise itself of agile manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing capacity has a powerful boost.

Xin Zhi robot system, Think-Automation provides the robot to take a system of complete sets of equipment and system integration and application technology,we provide KUKA robot, FANUC robot, multiple choice, and can according to customer requirements of injection molding machine, mold shape and differenttypes of process, to take the job plan.


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