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Production handling

     Production where there are handling, moving parts of a control. In a wide range of manufacturing, 

transporting everywhere between throughout the variousprocess, achieve reproducible, accurate

 production material handling has become more and more enterprises choose to use the robot.

      Regardless of floor, wall hung type or inverted installation, operation and controlare easy to robot, the load from the 5kg to the highest can amount to 2000kilograms, the robot arm extension degree up to 3900mm. No matter what kind ofhandling applications, no matter how hard environment, robots are active invarious fields of production transportation. The robot is easy to customize,without the need of two development can easily meet all kinds of complicatedhandling tasks, even if in the future production requirements change, usually only need to re programming of robot, to will be put into use.

[Characteristics] robot system

Robot occupies little space

Compact structure

Flexible action

Accurate positioning

Stable operation

A high degree of automation

Typical application areas 

Glass: glass substrate handling, plate plate, forming the stacking.

Photovoltaic solar energy: solar cell production system of materials, differentquality specifications of silicon wafer and cell sorting, testing the system in silicon wafers and battery


casting robot application case -- wax group tree welding automation

This case is Shanghai Xin Zhi ...

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