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Palletizing robot palletizing machine intelligence system is efficient, because themechanical mechanism of the flexible and portable and flexible operation actionetc, and significantly better than stacking machine frame mechanical, become a wise choice of more and more factories.

Palletizing robot mainly for packaging design, articulated arm structure compact,small footprint, easy integration in the compact after packaging. At the same time,the robot moving goods through the swing arm, the front and rear palletizing softcohesive materials, greatly reduces the packing time, improve production efficiency.

Robot palletizing machine has the advantages of high precision, grasp thingsprecision, fast response and action. Robot stacking action and drive through a dedicated servo and control system, through the demonstrator or off-line programming mode repeat programming, for fast switching of different batches of the product to achieve different stacking modes, and can realize the stacking of 1 robots for multiple production lines.

Reliability: the normal operation of a long time

Speed: short operating time

High precision: parts production and stable quality

Function: suitable for a wide range of

Durable: suitable for harsh environment

General good: flexible integration and production

[Characteristics] robot palletizer

The powerful operation function of 1 robot, high precision operation, can achieve fast packing, palletizing, destacking work.

The 2 production line, packing, palletizing, destacking robot palletizing can beflexible layout, can simultaneously stacking two lines or more than one line is the ideal choice for stacking the end of production line.

3 servo motor, programmable controller, variable frequency speed controller withfirst-class quality products, to ensure that the system hardware reliability and long life.

4 high quality hardware and control software designed by experts in combination,realized the automation system height. Safety interlock mechanism is perfect, canprovide protection to the equipment and operating personnel.

5 Xin Zhi, superior technology, stable and reliable product and perfect service,and comprehensively improve the level of automation in factories.

palletizing manipulator parameter

Palletizing manipulator model: KUKA, ABB, FANUC etc.. Xin Zhi according to userspecified selection palletizing manipulator brand.

Use of palletizing robot: handling, stacking, assembly

Palletizing capacity range: relevant and supporting the design, integration and debugging experience, Xin Zhi measured palletizing beat efficiency: >2100 box /hour (milk beverage box).

Structure: vertical multi joint (an area of small, flexible action)

Degrees of freedom: 6 axis (123456) (can effectively avoid obstacles)

Can carry weight: 30KG~1000kg

Repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.04~ ± 0.1mm

Scope: operating radius 1200mm~3200mm, can be set to 1 Robot corresponding to the 3 packaging production line, respectively, stacking.

Body weight: 700kg~5000kg

Input voltage: 200V - 60HZ or 220V - 50HZ

Method: the servo motor drive

Power: 2KVA~3KVA

for packaging

To adapt to the packaging: carton automatic palletizing, bag of automatic palletizing, barrelled goods, special packing and palletizing.

Palletizing applications: Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, chemical,logistics, household electrical appliances, plastic industry etc..

Palletizing robot system made in business: Shanghai Xin Zhi robot system limited company, one of the earliest professional application development of robot automation supplier, at present 100+ robotic system HinChi provides positive serving in a number of well-known domestic enterprises inthe factory line.


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