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Packaging Robot

[packing] robot

Reliability: the normal operation of a long time;

Speed: short operating time;

High precision: parts production and stable quality;

Function: suitable for a wide range of;

Durable: suitable for harsh environment;

General good: flexible integration and production;

       Equipped with a full set of auxiliary equipment (from the integrated air and signal system to catch 

feeder), supporting the use of packaging machinery integrationsoftware, simple, programming is very convenient.

     4 axis, 6 axis design uses the most advanced robotic case packing machine, the highest with 3.15m at high speed between the robot and the 250kg payload,suitable for harsh environment application, 

protection grade reaches IP 67.Robot, reaching distance and the load-bearing capacity can meet the application requirements of almost any packing. All products to replace the grip jig can beused in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, wine, salt, beverage industries such asautomatic packing machine.

      All products to replace the grip jig can be used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food,wine, salt, beverage

 industries such as automatic packing machine.

 [robot pick and place, supporting].

 Large load high speed: 

high speed capture workpiece

The broad scope of work: short operating time

The broad scope of work: short operating time

High precision: high production of working machine

Cleaning the acid-base: ensure cleanliness

Easy to repair: repair easily without central axis

Easy to repair: repair easily without central axis

Food machinery grease: ensure the safety

     The food and drug production is often needed for different products, such assorting device support, 

according to different weight classification, classificationaccording to the different colors, according to the different size classification and so on, in the automatic sorting robot has a wide application.

      High speed sorting robot from the food, medicine, cosmetics production line to the solar panel assembly and other fields can be used. High speed sorting robotfrom the food, medicine, cosmetics production line to the solar panel assemblyand other fields can be used.

        Pick and place robot: robot pick and place automation to speed up the harvestingparts, and put them in the process in a new location, but also improves the production efficiency. Pick and place robot work more accurate, not fatigue, can easily be tedious, repetitive work, speed and accuracy than the manual operation.


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