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Animal in the evolutionary process first evolved with tactile feel, object recognition, before the eye does not appear, the animal can through the sense of touch to recognize and identify the external object, the eyes appear in theanimal through the eyes of the image of an object touch without contact with the external object will recognize and identify the external object, can be said that the eyes are a more advanced tactile tools evolve based on original touch on, we willresearch on robot on object feeling, understanding and recognition, we must firstmake a hand eye robot not only, let the robot only by touching the object will be able to feel, understanding and recognition of the object, and then we'll to the robot mounting eyes, so the robot can use eyes to feel, understanding andrecognition of external objects. Here we first not to study robot eye, so here to study the robot is a robot mounted with no eyes, touch sensor in robot hands,making or forming a robot's own graphic robot computer, when the robot motiongraphics and the robot itself in the brain to do the same movement, the robot can only know the brain in the object graph, the robot hand movement patterns in thebrain hand did the same exercise, when the robot touch an object by hand, bysensor of robot hands will touch signal and transmitted to the brain patterncorresponding to the hand position, and then the robot's brain would feel. Touchthe object.

Because of the graphic formula so we in the computer can to make graphicalusing graphic formula, but the computer didn't really come to know throughgraphics, graphic formula such as: robot in the brain machine can quickly identifythe standard graphics with graphic formula, but for the objects in the environmentis formed in the brain it is difficult to identify the natural pattern, so we make to identify any graphic robot must give up this method fully using graphic formulaproduction pattern, if the robot to the actual object contact in the machine in the human brain and memory formation of a sentient object graph, so the robot will be able to feel and recognize the external objects formed in the robot brain objectgraph. Now we need to create a two hands no eye robot, to study how the robothand to objects touch, feel to touch the graphic method formed in the brain of robot.

First, the robot should match each moment of the position is very clear, only in this way can the robot hand to touch touch graphic object object formed in the brain, and only in this way can the robot touch to the object in the brain to feelthe brain object graph. We can create a pair of flexible robot arm, we know thatbefore and after the space motion to control of an object's need for X, y, Z, upper and lower, left and right (here in X, y, Z says, up and down, before and after theleft and right) to control numerical movement in three directions, the machinethrough numerical control change hand movement of X, y, Z can know the handof each moment of the position, when the robot touch an object by hand touchsignal and transmitted to a robot to do the same in the brain and the robot motiongraphics on the hand itself, so the robot hand touch an object the robot in the brain itself according to the numerical changes in X graphics hand, y, Z in the brain and memory robot to draw the object graph,

The memory robot to touch actual graphics is a comprehensive memory ongraphics shapes and all kinds of feeling, when the robot touch an object by handtouch graphics will be the appearance of the objects in the brain, then as long as the robot hands holding the object to do all kinds of sports, the robot in the brainitself graphics hands hold the object graph do the same movement in the brain,the robot and no eyes, so there is no through the eye formed process of thismovement in the brain, then we will find that the rotation angle position of thehand shape object and it is in contact with the graphical hand can determine theobject in any position of the robot brain in this note, the robot in the brain thatthrough various position memory to memory the object graph hand graphics at all locations in the brain of robot, we also found that the object graph into other objects graphic robot brain had all position chart of other objects, such as long as robot brain memory all the position of the robot hand in the brain of robotgraphics, there are a variety of object location. This indicates that the position of the robot in the brain of object by robot in the brain itself graphics hand let robotbrain know, robot brain connected object graph is transitive position, so that the robot can through memory control robot hand movement x, y, Z know any objectgraph in any position of robot in the brain.

We have left, vertical, namely numerical changes before and after x.y.z directionas the robot sense of direction, the robot in the hands of a process graph of touch, the value in the Y direction of the first uniform increase and then suddenlyinto even less, and then the robot felt the touch of graphs is an upward convexangle when the touch, figure two, figure three, figure in the robot to feel to touchmore and more convex angle, angle of robot feel and touch graphic more sharp,in Figure 4 is changed to a graph in graph in Figure 3, and then the robot by hand touch feeling Figure 4 to corner more and more


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