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Made by TRUMPF of Germany in China factory

"China may be the factory of the world, but the German company ismanufacturing factory of the world." Current status of German managementthinker Hermann Simon in German manufacturing, to sum up in a word. TodayChinese, has become a "world factory" and a big manufacturing country, but the distance from the manufacturing power is still a very long distance. In the face ofmany challenges, learn from the successful experience of German manufacturing, manufacturing of China plight, Zaizhuhuihuang has important significance.

Think-Automation is a professional engaged in the development and application of robot automation technology enterprises, solve in robot automation production line for the user to provide the scheme, Think-Automation always follow the first-class technology and equipment, first-class design and service concept ofmanufacturing standard, such as KUKA, FESTO and robot, Siemens and other German enterprises to establish a good relations of cooperation. Recently,because of the need of the project, the author ink coolie had the privilege ofrepresentative of Think-Automation company to partner is located in Jiangsu city of Taicang -- TRUMPF machine tools (Taicang) Co., Ltd. coordinatedexperiments, and therefore zero distance feeling experience made in Germany,this article to share in this line:

1 the German machine tool factory location, TRUMPF, TRUMPF classicalmasterpiece "CO2 laser is located in Jiangsu of Taicang".

German companies are like in Webpage conspicuous position on the huge plantlike China Company, magnificent buildings, they probably think of manufacturing enterprise core competence, and not Chinese that can reflect the real estatevalue of a piece of land with strong financial strength and a heap of stones. Iplant landscape from the Internet brought the (forgot to take) and consistent sitesee. Like many foreign factories in China: a brief introduction of the orderly workshop, flags and company logo flag set on the door two Chinese and foreigncountries.

CO2 laser generator is a classic TRUMPF devices, with the popularization of the disc type solid laser in the latest, this product has been gradually pushed into the background, become the exhibition commemorative edition collection with (of course, have been put into the factory still in use of the machine, still continued to get TRUMPF company customer service support, which is a typical Germanstyle). Up to now, in the field of laser, TRUMPF with the leading technology and excellent equipment become fully deserve the first in the world.

In fact, TRUMPF does not depend on the laser technology, this one's special skilland enjoy the big, also not much field lateral expansion after the Chineseenterprise, but tightly around the longitudinal extension of metal processing field constantly expand machine tool and advanced manufacturing technology, thepositioning and pursue to make TRUMPF precision CNC punch press, in the field of sheet metal processing in automatic bending center plasma excitation power supply, a number of products made remarkable achievements.

2 below: TRUMPF plant in the exhibition area to position the cutting machine,laser precision CNC punch press, automatic bending center.

The machine tool's brothers and sisters, will be in accordance with the rapidgrowth and development of the China market demand order, in another shop,successive assembly molding after debugging after passing the test, sent to themanufacturing plant, precision cutting, punching, bending, welding processes such as they help manufacturing factory finished a piece of metal panel, its accuracy can be achieved between mm and micrometer level, and in the speed,power, reliability, durability is more be way ahead of peers.

Figure 3: TRUMPF machine equipment processing into products, laser cutting and forming the "building blocks" of sheep.

The Germans will not only pay attention to the technical content, but also pay attention to the look and feel of overflow, logical thinking and manufacturing philosophy through be the same outside and inside of their products and services, and a wave of visual impact, perception, thinking, user experience:nice, good, reliable, precision...... These adjectives describe feelings are stacked together, will have to virtually occupied the first position of the user in mind, anddo not need too much whitewashing touted -- even after the price negotiations and make you feel very expensive, still want to use the impulse, is the quality ofefficiency after competing needs, but also meet the continuous extension of people desire.

Figure 4: KUKA robot and Trumpf laser system touch screen operator interfaceis about Think-Automation to bring products to do automated laser weldingexperimental service.

Europe and the United States machine use experience to put safety first,therefore, each table has a security risk and open structure of machinery and equipment, the staff can be close to the area, eventually is composed of a protective housing and security fence, sensing protection facilities "surrounded"up, and can be as much as possible human communication operating systemand command use workers contact occurred -- realize the human and the machine with computer. This is their side by the accumulation of developmenthistory of more than two hundred years to return to human -- then powerful machines as well as by people operation, and convenient for people to produce,the value of peace. More reliable machine also is always a machine, safety and protection of human is the job and the precondition of production -- if conditions allowed risked his life to survive is a kind of courage is a bad.

When it comes to here, I think after seeing Wu Jiangyi private workshop for laser welding with the scene: the head between the double station kept switchingcontinuous operation of laser welding machine dragging, without any protection facility workers material preparation and finishing the work before and after theoperation for the machine service -- in two the station the cycle between the upper and lower. The factory boss must know laser radiation on human healthdamage, not to mention the machine errors on human life threat: laser can 1cmthick gold


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