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Bending robot -- bending center & Machine Robotics

The robot of bending system offers the Think Automation for Shandong Ruifanmachinery. The robotic bending solution composed of KUKA robot KR90 andYawei PBH CNC bending machine, and according to the need to design the feeding positioning mechanism and a plate gripper. Bending the delivery robot system is used instead of workers on an automatic blanking operation, KUKArobot system and Yawei machine tool realizes synchronous cooperative work,fully meet the production needs of the actual.

First, the background of the project:

In the river before the transformation, plate bending process of materials factoryhas retained the traditional way of manual transmission. Plate and the latestneed bending operation of large size steel plate 3mm thick, 3M * 1.5m, bendingoperation of artificial operation difficulty of the product, need strong physical labor, and create a security risk risk potential.

As to reduce the production cost and improve the product quality, the user wantsin the original acid range of economic investment, can provide an automated solution, and can guarantee that after the transformation of the equipment has the stability, reliability and automation degree of height.

Think Automation in the communication of user requirements, the discovery of another potential demand: change equipment market competition requirementafter the reform system has certain flexibility production capacity -- to adapt to the rapid switching multi batch, small batch production between. Thus, the two sides reach a modification scheme of consistent idea -- using multi joint robotbaiting.

Two, the potential problems:

1 based on the economic and practical considerations, the automation of the entire renovation project cost control strictly, Think Automation the first priority is to realize the system structural optimization within a limited budget.

Convenience 2 material: because this temporary does not involve the automatic production line, metal plate of a former materials for artificial concentrated into, it will need to consider how to respond to the location error of artificial feeding after the formation of the.

3 of the metal plate used in the final sheet metal pieces of fruit processing machinery and equipment, so that the whole process should try to achieve the operational objectives without scratches.

Premise 4 in machine tool numerical control system DELEM itself is not completely open, realize synchronous robot bending action and machine toolfeed motion.

5 bending machine working table is lower, and the robot needs to ensure that a certain height space.

Three, the Think solution provided by Automation

1 site layout design: Think Automation design automation system for four stationrobot is refined, the whole system was "ten" shape layout: the robot centered,respectively corresponding bending machine, manual focus on the materialstorage, gravity on the positioning frame, molding products under the feedingstation. The setting way of compact layout, saving the factory space, improve the conversion between work stations operating efficiency.

The 2 robot selection problem:

3M * 1.5m, 3mm thick plate, weighing about 100 kg, so the size and volume, the design and selection of the robot system are needed to be considered: therefore, in the comprehensive estimation of center of gravity of the robot armand scope and operation interval size, weight, grip and grab the metal plate after the deviation factor and the end effector of the robot the effective load decay curve, Think Automation chose the KUKA robot KR 240 for R2900 users.

The robot belongs to the KUKA family of QUANTEC-ULTRAS series, the series of robot has performance advantages to provide the best performance andunlimited dynamic characteristics under heavy load. KR 240 R2900 robot action radius to 2900 mm, and the body weight of only 1145 kg, and can handle up to 240 kg load easy operation.

3 to expand the robot working space and improve the performance of motor:

Although KR 240 R2900 robot has a wingspan of radius 2900 mm, but that in the project and can not fully meet the turnover space of large size products bendingoperations in need, therefore, Think Automation is additionally provided with awalking mechanism for robot 3M (linear guide rail, and the robot integrationguide servo as the seventh shaft directly access KUKA the robot control systemfor centralized control), taking the robot motor performance, improving the operation space width, in order to reduce the large size products bending during operation to turn the peripheral equipment interference effect.

Design for robotic gripper 4 bending:

The weight of the product is more than 100kg, the robot end effector payloadattenuation and sheet products after crawling a center shift and other factors to consider, if choose 240kg load of the robot, also need further optimization designmakes the gripper gripper, while maintaining structural stability, reduce theweight as much as possible, in order to make the robot work more efficient andenergy saving. The user to the plate surface without scratches the work requirements, need to consider Think Automation optimization design of gripper,to ensure that after the crawl force balance, no surface damage.

Based on the above considerations, Think Automation finally design section structure of aviation aluminum as frame structure supported as the starting pointof support, thick lips single sucker group in the average distribution profilebracket with 9 * 3 matrix, and is composed of 9 groups of packet control vacuumvalve body.

The design by Think Automation mechanical engineer according to years of experience and absorb foreign technology and applications mature, independent design and. The final delivery grippers draw plate stability, forming a vacuumspeed, transport in the work force is balanced, and durable structure.

Design of 5 bending before and after feeding and the feeding mechanism:

The premises without automation line at the scene, Think Automation designproposal finished material storage rack reliable and concentrated feeding each other institutions. Focus on the material location


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